Another Juicy Dream Cast Announcement!

Time for another ideal cast member for my YA fiction novel Lucy’s Legacy! 👏🏼 If I had my way, Theo James would play the role of “Detective William James”. ❤️ Theo James was the first celebrity to enter my mind as a perfect fit for Will’s character.

And honestly, why wouldn’t you want a character that looks like Theo James? But I’ll let my readers decide. 😉 

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Time for Another Dream Cast Announcement!

Happy Sunday!

It’s time for another dream cast announcement: Nina Dobrev as Luciana “Lucy” Capelli.

Lucy is described as a social, bubbly & beautiful girl with a bright smile and friendly personality. She emits a fun and loving presence and will light up any room that she walks into. For this reason, I feel that Nina Dobrev would fit the role of “Lucy”, perfectly.

But I will leave that up to my readers to decide. 😉


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If you could choose any actor/actress to play your character’s, who would you choose?

Every author entertains the idea of their book becoming a movie someday and I am no exception to this. So, I thought it might be fun to share my personal choices for the actors/actresses that I would choose to play the characters in my book for fun, and I have decided to share my preferred actor for the role of “Cale Bradley” first. 

Per the description of Cale’s character in my book, he is described as follows:

Cale comes complete with well-kept, and well-gelled, medium-brown hair.  Complementing the brown, are the occasional blonde highlights dusted throughout the ends. He has compelling blue eyes, and I must admit, a delicious body to match. He’s built, but not too built, and he carries himself with such confidence. Damn near every girl in high school wanted him.

That is, everyone except for me. I was too busy being happy for my friend’s profound giddiness to think twice about him…

As you can see, Cale is your stereotypical “All-American”. He is incredibly good-looking with a great sense of humor. Yet, for all his witty-charm, he is a highly-reactive character with a hidden vulnerability that evolves over time. ‘

While writing a particular scene that called for some of Cale’s masked-vulnerability to be revealed, I closed my eyes to imagine how his character might act in such a moment so that I could portray his facial expressions, mannerisms, and language as accurately as possible. Well, the instant that I tried to envision Cale’s blue eyes, Zac Efron suddenly came to mind.

Shortly after, I decided to look up some of Zac’s pictures and interviews on Youtube, in order to see if he truly was a good fit for Cale. (Due to Cale being in a fraternity, I had initially wondered if I was simply connecting him with the Frat role that Zac played in Neighbors 😉

While watching an interview that Zac had done for Baywatch I caught a glimpse of what I interpreted to bea hidden vulnerability of his own that was triggered by an interaction with an interviewer at the time.

I’ll spare you the details of that interaction for now, and honestly, it was over a year ago, so I can’t even recall which interview it was. All I do remember is how that insight had sealed the deal for me. I knew right then-and-there that Zac would fit the role of Cale Bradley, perfectly.

Now, I may have read that interview wrong, entirely. But having a career that calls for me to observe human behavior for nearly sixteen years now, I feel confident in standing by my assessment. 🙂 

That said, I will leave it up to you as readers, to let me know what you think about Zac Efron filling Cale Bradley’s shoes. 😉 

Below I have included a picture of Zac Efron with a tidbit from one of my favorite Cale scenes in my book.


Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 9.19.42 AM.png

Meet Cale Bradley

screen-shot-2018-01-05-at-10-26-39-am.pngMeet Cale Bradley. Cale is Lucy’s high school sweetheart. He is good-looking, fiercely loyal, passionate, and full of humorous charm. He is your stereotypical “All-American”. Majoring in law at MMU, Cale appears to have everything going for him.

But underneath his shiny exterior, he is riddled with uncertainty. He has spent most of his life living through the eyes of everyone around him.

That is until he met Lucy ❤ 


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